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We Are Offering TWO Pick-Up Locations in 2020:  Our Providence Location (Bell Street Chapel) and at the Farm (on Snake Hill Rd).

When choosing your share please  select where you intend to pick-up your share

General Details Listed Below For The Summer/Fall CSA (Read Longer Description Here)

Where and What Day? Pick-up will be held on Wednesdays at the Farm (1012 Snake Hill Rd, N Scituate) or Thursday at Bell Street Chapel (5 Bell Street, Providence).  Pick-up is held between the hours of 3pm and 7pm.  Please choose one day to be your assigned pickup day.

When? Pick-ups will begin June 3rd  and run until November 24th for a total of 26 weeks.

What’s available? A wide assortment of vegetables are available (more than 40 crops and over 100 varieties). Eggs, Flowers, Fruit, Meat, Mushrooms and Tea are also available upon purchase of a vegetable share.

How does it work? CSA pick-up is a Farmer’s Market set-up. Members “shop” at the pick-up, taking what they want from the stand. Some required weekly items and restrictions apply on a weekly basis.  The share is not pre-bagged.

What’s the Price?  A full share is available for $775 and is sufficient for 3-6 people. Half-shares are available for $400, adequate for 1-3 people. Three-Quarter Shares are also available for $600 and feed 2-5 people. Work-shares are also available.  EBT payments are accepted.   If you consider yourself low income, please contact us and we can set-up a payment plan at a reduced rate.

How do I join?  Sign up for the CSA

How do I pay? Send Checks for your vegetable share, made out to Big Train Farm, to 1012 Snake Hill Rd North Scituate RI 02857.  Do not send payment for any other extra product shares.  Checks for these items will be collected at the first pick-up.  EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfers) are accepted, two week incremental payment beginning the first week of the CSA program.

What are the Extra Products?

Read about the extra products here

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