Employment Opportunities


The application period for 2019 employment positions is open.

We are open for applications for:

1. part-time wash station/packing station attendant (1 position available)

2. CSA pick-up attendant (1 position available)

3. delivery driver (independent contract, 1 position available)

In addition to employment work-share positions are offered through our CSA program.



1. Field Hand Position. Part Time hours March-May, Full Time hours May-November.  No previous farm experience required.  Applicant must be a hard-working, enthusiastic individual committed to a full-time seasonal farm job.  References required.  Starting at $12/hour

2. Wash Station Attendant.  Part time hours June-November.  No previous farm experience required.  Job entails co-managing washing and packing Tuesdays (8-12pm), Wednesdays (8-12pm) and Fridays (8-12pm).  Position can be combined with CSA Attendant Position.  $12/hour

3. CSA Attendant.  One day/week.  Thursdays 10:30-7:30 with 2 hour break 12-2.  Co-managing CSA pick-up in Providence from June-November.   Position can be combined with Wash Station Attendant position. $12/hour

4. Delivery Driver.  Position for individual with a truck to sign on as independent contractor.  Run delivery(s) to Newport on Fridays June-October.  Must be consistently available.  Starting at $16/hour.

All applicants can apply through email (bigtrainfarm at gmail dot com).  Send resume and references.  Please specify which position you are applying for.