Folks of Big Train Farm


So many people have been involved in Big Train Farm over the years.   It is actually impossible for me to remember everyone who has volunteered on my own!  Dozens of people have been involved as a work-share.  Many others as paying CSA members.  How to account for everyone?!  To those of you who may be reading this it is probably not important to have a long list of names of people you may or may not know.  Instead seeing the pictures may be more poignant.

Some of course do need mentioning!  John Kenny has been the owner and manager since 2009, the year following the BTF partnership between Mis Zill and himself.

Mindy Walls is the resident beekeeper and assistant strategist of BTF and has been on the farm in one capacity or another since 2009, a BTF heavy-weight.

Internships have been offered at BTF since 2012.  Interns have included Alejandro Brambila, Danni Simonik, Joe Goodale, Dakota White, Victoria Stilwell, Kathryn Zuromski, and Andrea Williams.

Currently we have one assistant manager, Calum Macpherson-Smith, and three employees: Ayla Alquist, Violet Anderson, and Declan Beltram.

Other employees over the years have included Kelly Jutras, Nolan Lindenburg-PennoyerDanni Simonik, Victoria Stilwell, Dakota White, Cassidy Whipple, Sabra Viara, and Chris Lundgren.

2018 Work Shares:

Alex, Marina, Michael, Malcom, Eli, Nolan, Jeff, Erica, Jeannie, Victoria


2017 Work Shares:

Ryan, Laura, Aaron, Genese, Jeff, Andrea, Erica, Jeannie, Teju, and Puffy


2016 Work Shares:

Jeff, Teju, Rague, Erica, Liz, Laura, Jeannie, Nick, Manny, Andrea, Ryan, Alecia, Sarah, Alex, Dakota


2015 Work Crew

Dakota White, Danni Simonik, Victoria Stilwell, Sabra Viara, Mer

Work Share Crew: Alex, Anne Marie, Erica, Jeff, Ricky, Lucy, Nina,

Jeannie, Andrea, Adam, Mackenzie, Kendra, Justine, Teju, and Nolan


2014 Work Crew


Interns: Victoria Stilwell, Dakota White

Anne Marie, Alex, Jeff, Nick, Nina, Ricky, Jen, Sydney, Adam, Liz,

Nate, Danni, Erica, Genese, &Travis


2013 Work Crew

Interns: Dannielle Simonik & Joe Goodale

Anne Marie, Alex, Jeff, Jen B, Jen K, Marissa, Kiana & Nick


2012 Work Crew

Intern: Alejandro Brambila

Jess, Genise, Marissa, Jeff, Jen K, Tracy, Jamal