Employment Opportunities


The application period for 2024 employment is open



We are open for applications for:

One Full Season (March-November) Part Time Assistant Manger Position (31 hours/week)

$17/hour… 1-2 years of farming experience needed to apply.  Point-person position for field work.  Minimal/no management experience required to apply.

One Full Season (March-November) Full Time Field Hand Positions (36-42 hours/week)

$15/hour… no previous experience necessary.

One Market Season (June-November) Part Time Field Hand Position (25 weeks, 18 hours/week)

$15/hour… no previous experience necessary.

Two Summer (June-September) Time Part Time Field Hands (13 weeks, 22 hours/week)

$14/hour… great summer job between high school or college semesters.

Description of Work:

Work on the farm is overseen by the farm owner and manager, John Kenny.  John works with the Big Train field crew directly in all aspects of the farm including field work, greenhouse management, and marketing.

In 2024 several multi-year coworkers will be present to assist in management of the weekly routine.

The Full Season Field Hand Positions will be on a rotating schedule including one week of work from Sunday afternoon – Thursday and the following week Monday – Friday for an average of 40 hours/week.  The compensation is $15/hour plus a three-quarter share in our CSA program.  A three-quarter share is roughly $25/week of vegetables.  Part-time shifts begin in March and full-time shifts begin in May.  The Market Season Field Hand Position begins the week of our summer/fall CSA program and ends the last week.

The Part Time Assistant Manager Position is be a fixed schedule with work Sunday afternoon, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for a total of 31 hours/week.  This compensation for this position is $17/hour and a three-quarter share in our CSA program. Part-time shifts begin in March and full-time shifts begin in May.

The Summer Part Time Field Hand Positions will be a fixed schedule with work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning the last week of May/first week of June.  Compensation is $14/hour and a 3/4 share in our CSA program.


Field Hands should be comfortable working outdoors in all kinds of weather.  We expect employees to be prompt to work, curious about the work they do, and courteous to their coworkers, customers, and volunteers on the farm.  This position is a great opportunity for someone interested in a full-immersion experience on a small-scale, regenerative, organic vegetable farm.

Some of the perks include 2 hour mid-day breaks, lots of interesting people (employees and volunteers), break room, 3 day weekend every other week, and nearby swimming options.  Big Train Farm is committed to education and offers several classes and workshops over the course of the season.  We are very open to sharing the structure of our business and can provide workshops and presentations on business planning, etc.

Some things to consider are : We do not hire couples.  Reliable transportation to the farm is necessary for each employee. Heavy lifting is involved.  Field hands must be available for the majority of the growing season (April-November) with some flexibility available for trips, etc.

Apply by sending a resume, a brief cover letter about your interest in the position and include two professional references.  Send to bigtrainfarm at gmail dot com

In addition to employment work-share positions are offered through our CSA program.