Farm Tour/CSA Update

IMG_1278Hello!  We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this fairly erratic summer weather we are having.  Mindy made it down to the beach yesterday for her birthday on what seemed like potentially the best beach day possible.  I was jealous!   Stuck on the farm like a dolt!

We are making some progress on our new property and would like to invite you all out for a farm tour!  We haven’t managed to hold a farm tour in many years due mostly to the high degree of distractibility I incumber in the summer time.  But thanks to the efforts of some of our CSA members persisting in their demands we have acquiesced!  Farm Tour will take place:

Saturday August 19th @ 1pm

1012 Snake Hill Rd N Scituate RI 02857

Please Park on HuntingHouse Rd on the Farm-Side of the Road (coming from Providence this is a left hand turn off of Snake Hill Rd)

Use HuntingHouse Rd Farm Gate to Enter.

We Will Converge at the Barn

The tour will begin promptly at 1pm so feel free to drop in earlier and get settled.  Important! The farm has much poison ivy in the headlands so WEAR CLOSED FOOTWEAR AND LONG PANTS.  We have washing area and a porto-john to accommodate you.  The tour will last for a couple hours or so and will be an opportunity to ask questions and get a holistic view of whats going on out there.  Look forward to seeing you there!

IMG_1292CSA Update 

We hope you have been enjoying all the produce that we have been bringing.  We have been happy (and relieved) to be bringing tomatoes to pick-up these last few weeks and hopefully they will continue streaming in through September.  Our peppers and eggplant will be in very short supply I’m disappointed to say, but we will be bringing summer potatoes, celery, fennel and more tomatoes to pick-up this month.  Fall vegetables will soon be on their way as well.  Starting in September we will have lots more kale, spinach, bok choi, kohlrabi, rutabagas, turnips, beets, carrots, radishes, and potatoes.  Summer squash is making a comeback too and we should have some more squash and zucchini at the pick-ups soon.

Our chickens are laying copious amounts of eggs and we are accepting a few extra egg share customers.  If you are interested in signing up for eggs (1/2 dozen or full dozen each week) let us know!  Thanks as always for your enthusiasm and support of our farm!!!

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