Winter CSA Season! 2018/2019

2BD19D52-7970-4902-8BDF-3BC97917B3ECWith the arrival of Fall it is time for us to start thinking about the impending Winter.  I know many of you might dread the coming cold months, but we farmers typically see Winter as a reprieve.  With the fields frozen or blanketed with snow we turn to our high tunnels (un-heated greenhouses) for fresh greens and to our storage vegetables for Fall harvested vegetables.  We offer these items in a Winter CSA Share so that you can enjoy farm-fresh vegetables through the cold months of the year.

We have been offering Winter CSA Shares for several years now and we have improved the share every year (in my opinion) offering more variety and more of what people want.  We have also come to understand what crops store well and which don’t under our circumstances so that we are getting you stuff when it is in it’s prime.  This year we will be offering more potatoes, beets, and rutabagas as these have been popular in the past.  We will also be offering more spinach and kale as well as micro green salad mix.


Details: The Winter CSA is a 14-week share that runs through December, February, and March (no pick-up in January)… We condense the weekly shares into one pick-up every other week.  This way you will not have to travel to the pick-up every week but will pick up two weeks worth of vegetables at one pick-up.  The crops we are selling in the winter will last for a long time in your fridge so you don’t have to worry about things spoiling over the two weeks.  We will be pre-bagging the shares, so you will simply come to the pick-up and we will pass over your bags.

What’s Offered? We will be offering winter-harvested greens from our greenhouses every week such as kalespinach, and micro greens as well as onions, potatoes, rutabagas, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, leeks, celeriac, fall radishes, turnips, daikon radishes, winter squash and parsnips.  In early December and late March there may be some other hardy vegetables available as well.

Price: A Winter CSA share is $300. (EBT can be accepted for Winter CSA shares)

Where and When?  Pick-up will be at the Bell Street Chapel (5 Bell Street Providence) on Thursdays from 5-7pm (the pick-up window is tighter, please be aware).  If you would prefer to pick-up at the farm we can leave your bags in a cooler.  The dates will be as follows:  Dec.6th, Dec. 20th, Feb. 7th, Feb. 21st, March 7th, March 21st, April 4th.

There is a limit of shares that we can accommodate in the winter so sign-up early!  Payment can be made anytime between now and the first pick-up.  Payment plans are also available.

Sign Up Today by emailing John and say “I want a Winter CSA Share!”


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