Crossroads RI and Big Train Farm

146.crossroads_2In 2017 we began a conversation with Don Liberte and David Rocheleau from Crossroads about how to get high quality, organic produce to the neediest people in our community.  How can an organic farm directly impact homelessness in Rhode Island?  Establishments that serve homeless and persons in need are in a unique position to provide nourishment.  Cafeterias and kitchens that serve these populations often rely on donations and/or small budgets.  Under these circumstances the best quality food is often overlooked in order to simply provide volume.  As we all know local, organic produce is not affordable for everyone.

We are attempting to raise $4,000 this winter and spring to support a weekly delivery of Big Train Farm produce to the Crossroads RI kitchen and possibly Food 4 Good food truck as well.  The produce will be delivered fresh every week during the main growing season (June-Nov) and, if more funds are made available, we would like to continue providing produce through the winter and into the spring.

Clover coming in nicely! Mindy Walls 2016
Clover coming in nicely!
Mindy Walls 2016

We are asking for our CSA members to contribute a donation, either big or small, to this cause.  We believe that we need to make healthy food available to everyone and we think you probably do too.  Farm Fresh RI has pledged to support us in this effort as well.  Please make a donation when you sign up for your CSA membership in 2018.

Big Train Farm will match 10% of your donation with extra produce each week to the Crossroads’ kitchen.

And Thank You!

Big Train Farm

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