IMG_3001Spring is trying to break out of Winter’s rugged grip!  We are still having very cold days and there is even more snow in the forecast today (April 6th).  But Winter has no choice in the matter, it must relent.  The sun is slowly creeping higher and higher into the southern sky.  Snow can fall by the buckets but it can’t resist the stronger angle of the sun and the, soon anyway, warmer temperatures.  So we farm on and get ready for the planting blitz that will soon erupt as our fields dry out and become accepting of tractor tires and muck boots.

Our propagation greenhouse is stuffed to the gills once again as we wait for spring to break loose.  Normally we would feel comfortable bringing trays of hardy stuff outside to harden off before planting but not this year… still too cold.  Instead we are finding corners of the greenhouse we didn’t know existed to stick eager plants.  Tomatoes are filling their plug cells and will soon be moving into the high tunnels where they will be until October.  Basil and spinach await to be buddy-planted with them.  The first plantings of head lettuce, mesclun lettuce, beets, radishes, and greens are almost ready for their voyage into the fields and high tunnels.   Young carrots are popping up and the garlic has emerged from it’s Winter slumber.  The rhubarb, parsnips and burdock also are starting to demand attention.

IMG_2956Plants and people are eager to get busy this time of year.  We have our crew all hired up and ready for business.  Work-shares are starting to join and re-join our CSA program for 2018.  Having our weekly visits from our Work-Share members is one of the highlights of the farming season.  So many people are eager and happy to be outside and take part in growing some of their own food.   We’re looking forward to getting back together with our long-term volunteers and getting acquainted with our new folks.

We are really excited to move forward with some of our goals in 2018.  In particular we are trying to get some traction in regards to a project that will link organic farms with local shelters and soup kitchens in order to supply top-shelf, consistent deliveries of farm fresh produce while also compensating the grower.  We are trying to build a Community Advisory Board of farmers and homeless advocates in order to higher someone to manage funding for such a project.  Have something to offer in this regard?  Get in touch with us for more information!

IMG_2954We thank you for your support of our farm, either through our CSA program, our accounts, or simply by reading this blog.  Spring is a time of great anticipation and promise.  We hope that your goals and aspirations for 2018 come true and you have great success in your endeavors.  Good luck in 2018 Everyone!



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